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Audiobook Builder Family Pack — $9.95

How do you move Audiobooks to your iPod? Do you rip to iTunesĀ®, then carefully move every imported track to a special playlist before syncing with your iPodĀ®? If so, you already know what that means. Hundreds of confusing track names show up on your iPod and clutter up your iTunes Library, making it harder to find actual music. There's no way to save your place and come back later. And, if you forget to change the Importing settings in iTunes, your Audiobook tracks take up way more space on your iPod than necessary because the human voice often needs less than half or even a quarter of the storage music requires.

Now there's Audiobook Builder, a new way to quickly import your Audiobook CDs (or tracks that are already on your Mac), organize them and output one or two files that your iPod recognizes as actual Audiobooks. The results are automatically sent to a special playlist in iTunes, and when you sync with your iPod they appear right you'd expect - in the Audiobooks section. No more wading through hundreds of confusing files on your iPod. No more wasted space. And no more losing your place - it's saved automatically each time you listen to your favorite Audiobooks.

Audiobook Builder - the ideal tool for moving your Audiobook collection to your iPod.

  • Audio file joining: If you've already ripped your CDs there's no need to suffer through it again. Audiobook Builder can usually bring your files together without a loss in quality.
  • Enhanced chapter stops: By default, every CD you import becomes its own "chapter" in your Audiobook project. These chapter stops, including any custom artwork you specify, will appear in iTunes and on iPods with a color display.
  • Adjustable quality settings: Audiobook Builder comes with a few presets to get you started, but you're welcome to customize each project's audio settings to suit your personal taste.
  • iTunes integration: Audiobook Builder can easily add the current selection in iTunes to your projects. It can also send its output directly to a special playlist in iTunes.
  • Quite a memory: Each Audiobook Builder project's audio data is contained in the project document file, so you are free to start a project now, take a break and return to finish your project later. You can even move projects between Macs, if necessary.

Please Note:
  • This item is a family license for Audiobook Builder 1.x, allowing simultaneous use of Audiobook Builder on up to five (5) computers within the same household.
  • This item does not include a physical copy of Audiobook Builder. Audiobook Builder is available for download here.
  • You will receive a serial number for Audiobook Builder at the end of your order. This serial number may be used on as many as five (5) computers at the same time.
  • Audiobook Builder is only for Mac OS X and will not work with Windows.

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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